How It Works

Automated Bidding

Save countless man-hours spent looking up inventory and placing Shopatron bids.  Bid on ALL orders across ALL zones instantly.

GammaDispatch regularly checks for all available Shopatron orders and uses your inventory information to automatically place bids (requests)  on your behalf.  Inventory Data can be provided to us in a variety of formats: from Flat CSV Files to Dynamic Feeds and everything in between.

Automated Order Download

Forget about manually keying in orders into your back-office system.  GammaDispatch will deliver order information in a format that can be easily imported into any system.

Once Shopatron awards the order to you, GammaDispatch will automatically collect the order data and deliver it to you as a simple Flat CSV File.  Since GammaDispatch is designed to work with variety of formats and delivery methods, we ‘ll customize the order file to the specific needs of your ERP or POS system.

Automated Tracking Reporting

Eliminate room for error and save time spent entering tracking information into Shopatron.

GammaDispatch will automatically communicate order shipment and tracking information to Shopatron. Information can be uploaded to GammaDispatch as a simple comma-delimited file straight out of your UPS Worldship or FedEx software.